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Oral Health Tips

There are many things that cause dry mouth. Hundreds of medications, cancer treatments, autoimmune diseases and breathing with your mouth open during sleep are among the most common causes. No matter the cause, dry mouth compromises good oral health.

Some general tips that may help improve saliva flow include:

Sucking on xylitol sweetened mints or gum

Drinking water

Breathing through your nose whenever possible

Using a vaporizer to add moisture to the room


Dry mouth symptoms include:

Bad breath

Sore, dry throat and tongue

infections in your mouth

Sores or cracked skin at the corners of your mouth or on your lips


The biggest problem dry mouth sufferes face in addition to the discomfort and pain it causes is an increase in tooth decay. Proper brushing and flossing is very important if you don't have enough natural saliva, but that's probably not enough to keep you from getting cavities.

The patent-pending formula in Allday spray contains a unique combination of moisturizers and 44% xylitol for added protection against tooth decay. Making Allday spray part of your daily routine will not only help you feel more comfortable it will help improve your oral health..

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