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  • My dentist recommended this product for my oral pain. My pharmacy (CVS) did not have it so I ordered online. I have been very pleased with the results.

    Joann Murphy | Allday® Dry Mouth Gel
  • LOVO LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It does last a very long time!! Love the amount of xylitol in the product too!!! A++++

    Karen Christie | Allday® Dry Mouth Spray
  • I use an oral appliance overnight for apnea and was relying on Biotene gel to prevent dry mouth that would otherwise result, until it became unavailable. This is a great substitute and does the job.

    Anonymous | Allday® Dry Mouth Gel
  • This product was highly recommended by my Dentist – in fact the Dentist (sells) this product to his patients from his office.

    Douglas | Allday® Dry Mouth Spray